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Bachelor Thesis "Investigation of Automated Approaches for Usage Analytics"

Kennziffer: IESE-2016-12
Ihre Aufgaben:
The acceptance of mobile applications is highly dependent on the realized set of features and on the quality of the application. Information about its acceptance can be gained quickly by collecting user feedback such as explicit textual reviews given by the application users or implicitly provided usage data.
Goal of the bachelor thesis is the identification and presentation of automated approaches that are usable to process such data in order to extract information relevant to the further development of a mobile application. As part of the thesis, it is expected to identify and investigate existing tools, platforms, and libraries, and to classify these based on prior defined criteria. Furthermore, the resulting classification has to be applied to identify most fitting solutions for a given context. Finally, selected features of such tools should prototypically be demonstrated.
Optimization of mobile applications through feedback-based quality assurance
Theory (80%), Implementation (20%)

Ihre Voraussetzungen:
  1. Interests in data analytics
  2. German and English skills

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Scientific contact:
Dr. Frank Elberzhager
Phone. +49 (631) 6800 2248
Fraunhofer-Institut für Experimentelles Software Engineering


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