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Interdisciplinary Center for Clinical Research Würzburg (IZKF)
The Interdisciplinary Center for Clinical Research Würzburg (IZKF) offers

1-2 fellowships for 36 months for participants
in the MD/PhD Program of the Graduate
School of Life Sciences (GSLS):

The aim of the program is to obtain a postgraduate subject-specific qualification in experimental research (Dr. rer. nat./ PhD) for physicians in accordance with the Doctoral Graduation Regulations of the GSLS (http://www.graduate­schools.uni-wuerzburg.de/life_sciences). The doctoral researchers are free to choose their thesis subject and the institution hosting the research of the applicant. The doctoral researchers are expected to register with the GSLS and will complete a structured doctoral training program. For further information please visit: http://www.izkf.ukw.de/forschungsfoerderung/medizinische-nach­wuchs­foerderung/mdphd-programm.html
We expect:
  • an excellent Medical Degree ("Staatsexamen") AND
  • an experimental MD thesis or - for graduates from abroad - an equal
    degree that documents your experience with experimental research
    (Please note: we cannot consider applicants without any experimental research experience!)
  • proven excellent oral and written English proficiency (this will also be assessed during an interview) and willingness to learn German (training provided)
  • the aspiration to transfer the expertise/ competences that you will gain
    during your MD/PhD-studies to a future career in a clinical environment (please provide details as to your plans as well as your research interests
    in the "Motivation"-Tab in the application platform)
Please use the Graduates School’s Application Platform
(http://bit.ly/2c9p5s7) and carefully read the particular requirements
and funding specifications for the MD/PhD Program before submitting
your application for a fellowship!
Please note: E-mail applications for an MD/PhD-fellowship will not be considered!
Application Deadline for a MD/PhD fellowship: September 23rd, 2016*
Applications from severely handicapped persons with basically similar qualification will be given priority.

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