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Fraunhofer-Institut für Sichere Informationstechnologie

The Center for Advanced Security Research Darmstadt CASED is a unique cooperation of experts from the Technische Universität Darmstadt TUD, the Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology SIT, and the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences h_da in the fast developing field of IT security. CASED brings together computer scientists, engineers, physicists, legal experts and business economists to research, develop and implement progressive IT security solutions. Read more on www.cased.de.

Current Internet faces many challenges in terms of flexibility (so called IP bottleneck) as well as self-configuration, self-monitoring, and security. Several Future Internet approaches have been proposed to address these challenges including eXpressive Internetwork Architecture (XIA), Recursive InterNetwork Architecture (RINA), Netlet-based Node Archi-tecture (NENA) and Service Oriented Network Architectures (SONATE). Still, there are many open issues in terms of security. The aim of this thesis is to analyze and discuss the security solutions of future network architectures and propose a security architecture for one of the potential future network architectural approaches based on the criteria to be specified together with the supervisor.

Master/Diploma thesis - Security Analysis of Future Network Architectures

Kennziffer: SIT-2013-2
Ihre Voraussetzungen:


  • High motivation and creativity

  • Already studied network security

  • Experience with reading research papers

  • Able to work in a team

  • As you will write your thesis in English, advanced level of English language skills is required

Fragen zu dieser Position beantwortet gerne:

If you are interested, please contact:

Rahamatullah Khondoker
E-Mail: rahamatullah.khondoker[at]sit.fraunhofer.de
Spoken languages: Bengali, English
Phone: 06151 869 251


Ronald Marx
Email: ronald.marx[at]sit.fraunhofer.de
Spoken languages: German, English
Phone: 06151 869 271
Fraunhofer-Institut für Sichere Informationstechnologie


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