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NEXT ENERGY, the EWE Research Centre for Energy Technology, is an independent, non-profit research institute whose purpose is to play an active role in shaping the technological changes that are paving the way towards more climate-friendly, economically viable and reliable energy provision. As an independent affiliate institute of the University of Oldenburg, NEXT ENERGY employs around 120 members of staff.

Against the background of finite fossil fuels, impacts of climate change and risks of nuclear energy the transformation of the national energy system is necessary. However, this change also implies far-reaching challenges, e.g. the changeover to more efficient and grid-beneficial innovative technologies.
The Research Group Technology Assessment of our Division Energy System Analysis evaluates energy technologies with methods for techno-economic and ecological assessment.

Master's Project: "Economic Analysis of Energy Technologies Considering Future Developments"


The basis of your project forms a comprehensive review and comparison of methods for techno-economic assessment of energy technologies followed by independent economic analysis of energy technologies like stationary battery storage systems, fuel cells, etc. which are essential for the energy transition. In your thesis you consider possibly short-term as well as mid- to long-term developments like increasing share of renewables, efficiency improvements, learning curve effects, changing regulations, economies of scale and the availability of raw materials.

You should have completed, or be about to complete, your bachelor degree studies with all the prerequisites for carrying out your master thesis project. Knowledge in the use of methods for techno-economic assessments is desirable but not essential.

As an extramural research institute, NEXT ENERGY does not award any academic degrees. The relevant regulations of your university with regard to externally completed projects must therefore be borne in mind. We will be happy to support you in discussions with your university. The advertised project shall begin in October or November 2016.

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