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Ved NTNU, Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet, skapes kunnskap for en bedre verden og løsninger som kan forandre hverdagen.

Professorship in Mechanical/Product Engineering - NTNU Aluminum Product Innovation Centre IVT - 101/16

About NAPIC:
NTNU Aluminium Product Innovation Center (NAPIC) is a newly established collaboration between three faculties at the Norwegian University of science and Technology (NTNU). The faculties involved are Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology (IVT), Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology (NT) and Faculty of Architecture and Fine Art (AB). IVT, represented by the Department of Engineering Design and Materials (IPM), is the host of NAPIC. Its overall aim is to explore new product opportunities in aluminium by employing a research-driven innovation approach. NAPIC is a research center within IPM’s existing facilities with access to NTNU laboratories, teaching infrastructure and resources. Basis funding is provided by Norsk Hydro, a network of metal manufacturing companies and the three faculties in terms of PhD positions. The ambition is to grow the center into a research operation of 10-15 fulltime positions and 10-20 MSc students within the next 3 years. The center will provide access to and partnership with a unique network of industrial companies. Its operational basis will be crossdisciplinary collaboration between product design and development, manufacturing, materials technology and product applications. The vision of the center is to become a world leader in research-driven aluminium product innovation.

About the position
This new professorship will have responsibility for research and research-based teaching within the field of mechanical engineering with a primary focus on design, technology development and manufacturing of aluminium products. Interplay between these fields will form the basis for successful aluminium-based product innovations for new and existing application areas. The professor will have responsibility for developing and maintaining a teaching portfolio within the field of own research. S/he will also contribute in other NTNU courses depending on competence profile. The professor will establish research projects through national and international funding schemes and industry, as well as recruiting and supervising doctoral candidates. Publication of research in scientific journals and dissemination of research into own teaching, are important. The professor will be responsible for managing and coordinating NAPIC activities with administrative support from the Department of Engineering Design and Materials.

Your qualifications
The position is part of a long-term strategic plan to build a strong, sustainable research group within innovation-driven aluminium product and technology research. The candidate’s research background must be within product design, development, innovation (management) or/and manufacturing with aluminium as the common denominator. The candidate must hold a PhD degree within one of the relevant fields and/or have strong industrial experience within aluminium applications. Appropriate judging criteria will be adapted accordingly.

The candidate should be dedicated to innovation-driven research and provide capabilities in building and managing interdisciplinary research teams. The position provides a high degree of independence in choosing direction for research and teaching activities within the strategic priorities of the center.

The profile of our search ’persona’ is as follows:
  • Industrial experience from product development, preferably aluminium-based products
  • Significant international network in academia and industry
  • A multidisciplinary competence profile (’T-shaped’)
  • Management experience
  • Proven skills to manage and motivate people, building strong teams
  • High research ambitions-personally and on behalf of the group
  • Relevant education on PhD level within the main field(s) of the professorship
  • Excellent publication record and academic standing
  • Proven track record in initiating, managing research and development work
  • Experience from laboratory work and physical experiments
  • Excellent teaching capabilities and experience within Mechanical and Industrial Engineering from recognized educational institution(s)
In the evaluation of candidates, the following capabilities are of high priority:
1. Academic merits in aluminium product, technology and production research
2. Industrial experience from relevant area
3. People management skills and experience
4. Involvement in initiating and managing research and development work
5. Experience from laboratory and experimental work
6. Research ambitions (group and own)
7. The ability to supervise, mentor and initiate applied research work.
8. Teaching experiences and skills from recognized educational institution(s)
9. Operational network in academia and/or aluminium product manufacturing industry.
The successful applicant for a Professorship must be able to document his/her extensive disciplinary qualifi­cations in important fields within the discipline. His/her individual work must document scientific expertise in one or several parts of the discipline, particularly the field the Professorship has specific responsibility for. Weight will be placed on the ability to supervise and initiate research and development work.

Weight will be placed on pedagogical skills. The evaluation of the candidate will be based on documented pedagogical material, including pedagogical education/training, the presentation of academic work, experience from supervising masters level students, and teaching, as well as other pedagogical matters. The evaluation will consider both the quality and the scope. Academic staff who are employed without having a formal pedagogical qualification in university-level teaching and are unable to document equivalent qualifications, are required to successfully complete a recognized course that gives a pedagogical qualification in university level teaching within two years of taking the appointment. The University offers such courses. The applicants that have been short-listed will be invited for interviews and a demonstration of their pedagogical ability, usually in the form of a trial lecture.

Terms of employment:
The Professor is to be jointly responsible for disciplinary matters together with other academic staff in the Department. The Professor is required to participate in teaching activities in accordance with the relevant curriculum and assist in further developing the teaching program, including continuing education. The Professor is to supervise master students, research fellows and doctoral candidates in his/her discipline. The Professor must agree to participate in administrative work. The Professor is obliged to follow the regulations that concern changes and developments within the discipline and/or the organizational changes concerning activities at the University.

The appointment is to be made in accordance with the regulations in force concerning State Employees and Civil Servants.

NTNU would like to increase the percentage of female scientists in academic positions, and its policy is outlined in its equal opportunities plan. The following initiatives are relevant here: Start package for women in male-dominated fields. Qualification scholarships and mentor program for women in academic positions.

The preferred candidate should speak Scandinavian language since positions also includes teaching at BSc level. Other candidates who don’t master Scandinavian but are particularly qualified for other reasons must obtain within two years knowledge of Norwegian language at an equivalent standard to level three in the Norwegian for Foreigners courses provided at the Department of Applied Linguistics. The University provides such courses.

The position adheres to the Norwegian Government’s policy of balanced ethnicity, age and gender.

The position as Professor is remunerated with a minimum gross salary from NOK 605 400 per annum. Normally the position is remunerated with a minimum gross salary from NOK 617 400 to NOK 901 700 per annum.

There will be a 2 % deduction to The Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund from gross salary.

Further details about the Professorship can be obtained from Professor Torgeir Welo, tel. +47 41440061 or +47 73593884.

Applicants are asked to give an account of their pedagogical qualifications according to prepared guidelines ("Documentation of an applicant’s pedagogical qualifications") which can be obtained from the following address on internet:


The following documents must be enclosed with the application:
  • Certified copies of certificates, testimonials and a list of academic work.
  • Academic work - published or unpublished - that has relevance to the evaluation of the applicant’s qualifications by the evaluation committee (not more than 10 such submissions).
  • A description of all the academic work that the applicant feels is most significant and that he/she feels the evaluation committee should pay particular attention to.
  • A list of all publications with bibliographical references
Joint work will be evaluated. If it is difficult to identify the contributions from individuals in a joint piece of work, applicants are to enclose a short descriptive summary of what he/she did in this connection.

Applicants are asked to submit the application in English with regards to the evaluation process. Applications are to be submitted via the link on this page. The file number for the position (IVT- 101/16) is to be clearly stated on the application.

The application deadline is 29.09.2016.


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