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Fraunhofer-Institut für Bauphysik IBP
Operation of building services (e.g. HVAC and lighting systems) is often assumed to be fault-free. Building services engineers monitor for faults and alarms but very often such faults go unnoticed for a long time with serious impact on the quality of services delivered. Fault-detection and diagnosis (FDD) tools can use data obtained from in-building and system sensors to detect the occurrence of such faults and in certain cases to identify the root cause of the fault. The ability to have such information is very valuable for facility managers as it can help them to proactively schedule maintenance and take timely action when such is needed.
The work to be undertaken under this topic will strive to categorize existing fault-detection methods and tools that are applicable in the building domain. Development of such services, testing using real data, and integration in a platform currently under development will be primary objectives of the work to be performed.

Student Research Assistant in the field of "Fault-detection methods for Building Services"

Kennziffer: IBP-2017-5H
Ihre Aufgaben:

We offer you the opportunity to work with a motivated, cooperative and interdisciplinary team, flexible working hours and a goal-oriented development of your skills. The Fraunhofer Society sets a high value on professional equality between women and men.

About the group:

The Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP, Technical Building Systems Group, in Nürnberg is actively involved in the research and development of innovative methods for system integration, data management and analysis tools for performance evaluation in residential and non-residential buildings. Of special interest is the translation of research results to practical applications. Being an Institute of the Fraunhofer-Geschellschaft, IBP is part of Germany’s leading research organization in applied research.

Application procedure:

In all correspondence regarding this position please mention Reference Number IBP-2017-5H.
If applying for an internship, please state in your application your preference for the duration of the internship. If the work performed will form part of your thesis, please note that it should be assigned and completed in accordance with the applicable procedures at your university. Please contact the professor who is in the best position to monitor and supervise your thesis activities.

Ihre Voraussetzungen:

Your Profile:

  • Background in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering or related fields. Experience in some of the fields described above in the context of coursework or past projects.
  • Good knowledge of programming in MATLAB or Java.
  • Knowledge of data modeling principles is beneficial.
  • Ability to communicate technical ideas and be part of an interdisciplinary group.

Soft skills:

  • Excellent analytical thinking and strong programming skills.
  • Flexibility and eagerness to learn about new topics and to work with new technologies.
  • Conceptual and Original Thinking and good communication skills.
  • Good written and spoken command of English.

Your Responsibilities:

  • Performing a literature review and a categorization of FDD methods for building services;
  • Evaluation of different methodologies in terms of data and configuration requirements, ability to detect faults and identify causes;
  • Implementation of such methods and evaluation using available data;
  • Documentation of your work, preparation of reports/papers
  • The possibility for embedding a bachelor, master oder diploma thesis is given.

Die Vergütung richtet sich nach der Gesamtbetriebsvereinbarung zur Beschäftigung der Hilfskräfte.

Fragen zu dieser Position beantwortet gerne:
For questions regarding this opening, please contact:

Georg Schneider
Fraunhofer-Institut für Bauphysik
Auf AEG Bau 16
Fürther Straße 250
90429 Nürnberg

Tel.: 0911 / 56854 - 9145
e-Mail: georg.schneider@ibp.fraunhofer.de

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