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The Höffmann Academic Award for Intercultural Competence 2017

is being conferred at the University of Vechta.

The Höffmann Academic Award for Intercultural Competence, sponsored by the Vechta-based travel company Höffmann Reisen GmbH, is conferred annually by the University of Vechta. The award comes with a cash
prize of € 10,000.

The Höffmann Academic Award is part of a long-term programme aimed at promoting intercultural skills, which are the key to peaceful and constructive co-operation between people of various ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds. Intercultural competence enables us to identify common ground and to learn from our characteristic features. In many ways, intercultural issues are an integral element of academic research for numerous disciplines.

The aim of the Höffmann Academic Award is to support the endeavours of an outstanding academic by awarding a prize to groundbreaking work carried out on topics of intercultural competence. Such work can concentrate on exploring the topic from the perspective of a single discipline or it may be interdisciplinary in nature.

Nominations are made by proposals put forward by the management of a university or research institution. Candidates are not permitted to nominate themselves.

Nominations should contain the following:
  • Detailed grounds for the proposal
  • Two expert opinions, each by proven university lecturers
  • A curriculum vitae in tabular form with a photograph of the nominee
  • A list of his/her previous publications.
Nominations and documents can be submitted in English or German.

The guidelines on the conferring of the award and other information are published on the University of Vechta‘s homepage (www.uni-vechta.de).

A panel of judges decides on the conferring of the award. Its decision is final.

The academic award is presented at a public award ceremony at the University of Vechta planned for
January 2018.

Nominations are to be sent by June 30, 2017, to the President of the University of Vechta (please address queries to the academic director of the programme, Prof. Dr. Egon Spiegel: egon.spiegel@uni-vechta.de).

Universität Vechta
Höffmann-Wissenschaftspreis für
Interkulturelle Kompetenz
Postfach 1553 - 49364 Vechta

Bewerbungsschluss: 30.06.2017
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