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Technische Universität Berlin, Faculty V – Mechanical Engineering and Transport Systems – Institute of Biomedical Engineering, and the Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) jointly invite applications in a Reimbursement Model (Berliner Modell) for a

University Professorship - salary grade W3

for the field of "Biomedical Imaging".
The appointment for the professorship is part of the cooperation of the Einstein Center Digital Future partners.

Reference number:

V-447/16 (starting at the earliest possible / permanent / closing date for applications 13/10/16)

Working field:

The position includes research in the field of "Biomedical Imaging" with a focus in interventional and quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging and the teaching assignment for courses connected to the interdisciplinary Masters' degree program "Biomedical Engineering" as well as management of the Division of Medical Physics and Metrological Information Technology at PTB.


Successful applicants must fulfill the requirements for appointment at the professor level in compliance with § 100 BerlHG (Berlin Higher Education Act), including a completed academic education, doctoral degree (PhD) in engineering or physics, qualified achievements in research and a particular qualification for academic work normally attested by the excellent quality of a PhD, post-doctoral lecture qualification (Habilitation) and pedagogical didactic qualifications, to be proven by teaching experience and visualized in a teaching portfolio (for further information see TUB Website, quick as no. 144242).
Candidates should have a research track record in the field of biomedical imaging with a focus in interventional and quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging. This includes new instruments, dedicated MR-sequences, novel reconstruction and data analysis techniques. Moreover, the topic of MR-compatibility of interventional devices should be covered, which can be linked to activities at the institute for biomedical engineering. A proven track record in grant income is requested. Applicants must show teaching experience at university level in the field of biomedical imaging. Additional experience in advising and supervising Bachelor, Master and PhD students is expected. Experience in industrial research and development and the translation of research into clinical practice is a plus.
Technische Universität Berlin and the Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) both strive to increase the proportion of women in research and teaching and therefore strongly encourages qualified female researchers to apply. Qualified individuals with disabilities will be favored.
Technische Universität Berlin is a certified family-friendly higher education institution, and our Dual Career Service offers assistance to you and your family when relocating to Berlin.
Please send your written application until 13/10/2016 with the reference number and the usual documents (including a CV, list of publications and grants, certificate of teaching experience) to Technische Universität Berlin - Der Präsident -, Dekan der Fakultät V, Sekr. H 11, Straße des 17. Juni 135, 10623 Berlin or by email to personal@vm.tu-berlin.de.
Please send copies only. Original documents will not be returned.
The vacancy is also available on the internet at
Please note that the positions are conditional upon financing from the donors and partners. It is intended to extend a number of the temporary professorships at the end of the funding period. Additional professorships for Berlin will be advertised in the coming months and will be posted at be-digital.berlin

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