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Life Science Zurich Graduate School
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15 MSc to PhD programs and 1 MD to PhD program under one roof

PhD Programs

Biomedical Ethics and Law/ Medical Track

This is an interdisciplinary program aiming at equipping young scholars with the necessary knowledge and tools to tackle the complex ethical issue that arise in biomedicine.

Biomolecular Structure and Mechanism

The program offers an interdisciplinary platform for graduate students that guarantees comprehensive training in recombinant protein technologies, experimental macromolecular structure determination, and computational biology.

Cancer Biology

The program offers students interested in basic, translational or clinical cancer research multidisciplinary research opportunities in a competitive international setting.


The PhD Program in Ecology wants to increase the research competence of PhD students in the interdisciplinary field of ecology and to provide them with useful skills for their professional life inside or outside University.

Epidemiology & Biostatistics

The PhD program in Epidemiology and Biostatistics of the University of Zurich is one of the 15 programs of the Life Science Zurich Graduate School offering a dynamic and stimulating international research environment. The overall goal is to train PhD students as methodologists with specialized skills in designing, conducting and analyzing studies in a biomedical research context.

Evolutionary Biology

The Program in Evolutionary Biology provides PhD students in evolutionary biology with a broad overview of the field, with useful skills for their professional life, and with networking opportunities with peers and professional academics.

Integrative Molecular Medicine

The comprehensive study of organ functions in health and disease requires multidisciplinary approaches and extensive networking. The PhD program in Integrative Molecular Medicine combines basic and clinical research and offers a broad range of training opportunities.

MD/PhD Program

The MD/PhD program serves as an entry point for medical graduates into the LSZGS. The essence of the program is to enable medical students and graduates (in addition to their regular degree in human medicine, dentistry, or veterinary medicine) to gain a basic natural science education.

Microbiology and Immunology

This PhD program offers a collaborative environment for internationally competitive research in microbiology and immunology. Projects cover virology, basic and environmental microbiology, bacterial pathogenesis, infection biology, basic immunology and evolution.

Molecular Life Sciences

The program offers education opportunities in a stimulating international environment for ambitious students who wish to work towards a PhD in biochemistry, bioinformatics, genetics, microbiology, and cell, developmental, molecular, structural and systems biology.

Molecular and Translational Biomedicine

The Ph.D. program "Molecular and Translational Biomedicine" imparts knowledge, concepts and modern approaches in basic and applied biomedical research. Students have the opportunity to work on a broad spectrum of topics including energy homeostasis, metabolism, aging, cell growth and differentiation, stem cells, inflammation and cell signaling.


The program imparts outstanding knowledge in neuroscience to students of diverse disciplines such as biology, medicine, psychology, pharmacology, biochemistry, physics and computer science.

Plant Science

The PhD Program in Plant Sciences allows you to carry out your research in the most challenging areas of plant sciences relating to molecular plant biology, environmental sciences, systematic botany and agronomy. Additionally, a specialized Program in Science & Policy is offered within the PhD Program in Plant Sciences for a limited number of PhD students.

RNA Biology

The PhD Program in RNA Biology is a coordinated, interdisciplinary and interinstitutional PhD Program in the field of RNA biology. The program offers a collaborative platform to PhD students in an international competitive research area including organic chemistry, biophysics, biochemistry, structural, molecular and cellular biology, bioinformatics and physiology.

Systems Biology

The PhD program Systems Biology offers training in quantitative analysis and predictive mathematical modeling at all levels of biological organization. We are looking for motivated students from various disciplines, such as biology, engineering, mathematics, physics, computer science, etc.

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