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Automatic and intuitive optimal motion planning for a two-robot welding system- Studien-/Abschlussarbeit

Kennziffer: IPA-2017-339
Ihre Aufgaben:
The master thesis focuses on the implementation of functions, models and algorithms and its evaluation for the automatic, intuitive and optimal programming of a two-robot welding system.

Robotic welding is a widely implemented process in industry. In a significant number of robot cells the industrial articulated manipulator is accompanied with a rotatory table in order to facilitate the programming process. In most of the cases, the rotatory table is just positioned at the initial stage for facilitating the later teach-in of the welding process with the articulated robot. Goal of the master thesis is to further develop the simulation environment in order to achieve the simultaneous movement of both systems, to further use sample-based optimal motion planners embedding the closed kinematic and dynamic chain in order to optimize the welding process and the final evaluation in the real robot system.

Your Tasks:

  • Develop the simulation environment and automatic program generator in order to achieve the simultaneous movement of both systems (Robot manipulator and rotatory table).
  • Improve the efficiency of the current existing collision avoidance, reachability and singularity algorithms in order to take into account these uncertainties into the optimal motion planning
  • Research the state of the arts in respect to multi-robot motion planning, manufacturing with industrial robots, sample-based motion planning and optimal welding.
  • Benchmark sample-based motion planning algorithms for the intuitive and automatic programming of the two-robot welding system.
  • Evaluate the implemented motion planning in the real robot cell [Reis robot with rotatory table].

What we offer you and how we support you:

  • Pleasant working atmosphere and excellent technical equipment
  • The opportunity to work on relevant-applied research
  • Long-term cooperation
  • Technical support by our team
More information at: http://www.ipa.fraunhofer.de/schweissen_bearbeiten.html

The position is offered for a period of 6 months.

Ihre Voraussetzungen:
Required knowledge and experience:

  • Very good knowledge of robotics (Kinematic and dynamic modelling), automation technology, sample-based motion planning algorithms.
  • Experience with C++/C# and object-oriented programming
  • Experience with Matlab (experience with Python is recommended).
  • Experiences with robot path generation and industrial robot programming are helpful.
  • Very good knowledge of German and/or English in spoken and written way.
  • Motivation, creativity, self-dependent working, abstract thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Commitment and teamwork (Experience with Scrum planning is recommended).

Die Stelle ist auf eine Dauer von 4-6 Monaten ausgelegt

Fragen zu dieser Position beantwortet gerne:
Frau Nina Warth
Tel.: 0711 970 1130

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