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KU Leuven
The Department of Materials Engineering (Faculty of
Engineering Science, KU Leuven, Belgium) is looking for 3
PhD candidates in the following areas:
  • Separation of rare-earth ions in strong magnetic fields
  • Electrodeposition of Sm-Co alloys
  • Sweeping rods ’the sideways self-propulsion of micro-rods’
Enthusiastic candidates with a strong motivation for scientific
and multidisciplinary research are invited to apply as soon as
possible. KU Leuven offers an exciting multidisciplinary
research environment and a broad gamut of training courses
for Ph.D. students and is located in and around Leuven
For further details about the available positions and
information on how to apply, please visit our website:
www.kuleuven.be/jobs/MaterialsEngineering Logo

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