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Leibniz Institute for Crystal Growth (IKZ)
Logo - Leibniz-Institut für Kristallzüchtung
The Leibniz Institute for Crystal Growth (IKZ) is a leading research institution in the area of crystal growth of technologically important materials for micro-, opto- and powerelectronics, sensors, optics and laser technology. This ranges from explorative fundamental research to pre-industrial development. It is part of Forschungsverbund Berlin and a member of the Leibniz Association. You may find more details at www.ikz-berlin.de.
Commencing as soon as possible there is an opening for a

PhD position

for the topic:

MOCVD of perovskite oxide films

The group "Ferroelectric oxide layers" of the IKZ deals with epitaxially grown complex oxide films. SrTiO3 as a prototype of perovskite oxide is of particular interest. Despite many experimental and theoretical efforts, the fundamental understanding of growth process and related defects, oxygen vacancies and interface phenomena is still limited yet. Therefore, within the Leibniz ScienceCampus GraFox, SrTiO3 thin films shall be basically investigated in dependence of growth parameters and choice of the substrate (lattice strain). Systematic studies on point defects, electronic transport mechanisms, role of hydrogen and interface formation shall be performed. The method of choice for the epitaxial deposition is focused mainly on the metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD), which provides stoichiometric films with low defect density. Additionally, pulsed laser deposition will be used, where a large range of deposition parameters is available.
Characterization of the thin films shall be performed by x-ray diffraction and electron microscopy as well as atomic force microscopy equipped with a conductive (CAFM) module.
Applicants should hold a Diploma or a MSc degree in physics, chemistry, materials science or a related discipline as well as good English language skills. Expertise in the field of oxides/perovskites, thin film growth or knowledge regarding thin film characterization is highly desirable. Capability of working scientifically on an independent basis and ability to carry out structured scientific work within a highly motivated team of researchers and technicians are further requirements.
The position is part of the Leibniz ScienceCampus "Growth and fundamentals of oxides for electronic applications (GraFox)", which seizes to fuse the excellent individual activities and competences in Berlin on one of the most prospective material systems for future electronic and (renewable) energy applications. Through collaborative research and publications we aim to establish an internationally renowned key region in Berlin. The ScienceCampi of the Leibniz Association promote cooperation on an equal footing between Leibniz institutions and universities in the form of thematically-focused, complementary regional partnerships. These networks aim to strengthen the scientific environment for the relevant themes by conducting strategic research and encouraging interdisciplinarity in their topics, projects and methods.
The position is limited to three years. Payment is according to TVöD (Treaty for German public service). IKZ is an equal opportunity employer. Therefore, female candidates are encouraged to apply and will be preferred in case of adequate qualification. Among equally qualified applicants preference will be given to disabled candidates.
For information about the project contact: Dr. Jutta Schwarzkopf, jutta.schwarzkopf@ikz-berlin.de, Phone +49 30 6392-3053.
Please submit your application via email by October 31, 2016, to personal@ikz-berlin.de.

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